You Will Be Shocked To Watch The Video Of This ‘Internet Baby’

Now a days using internet became the common thing, not only adults but kids or children are also using internet very much. The technology is rising day by day and there is a lot of ease to use internet, not only internet by fast internet. Recently there was only 2G internet network being used in India but as soon as 3G was launched people were ignoring slow internet. Not only 3G now a days 4G has also been launched.

Internet Baby Funny Video:

This video advertisement was released by MTS 3G plus to show how internet plays a vital role, this ad shows that when this baby was being delivered or pushed out of the mother’s womb suddenly the baby arrives with a jab with his finger to the doctor nose. The baby grabs the father’s tablet and searches for ‘how to cut umbilical cord’ on google.

Click Here To watch the video.

After this the baby asks the nurse the pair of scissors and cuts his umbilical cord himself. His father and everyone else was amazed and shocked to see this. After this the baby asks for the T-shirt from the nurse than nurse make him wear clothes. After this the baby takes cell phone from the nurse and take a selfie with the nurse and post it online.

Falling from the bed the baby crawls to the laptop and sign up on multiple social media sites, not only this but he creates his live broadcasting video. But this was not the end, the baby uses the navigation system to go out of the hospital. And finally even the receptionist was also shocked seeing this.

Final Words and Conclusion:

This advertisement shows how technology is rising day by day and even a baby can use internet easily that too not only internet but fast 3G+ internet. This is not reality but a visual how internet evolved in one’s life.

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