This Video Shows How Knowledge And Attitude Can Give You A Job


A person who is searching for job always tend to or search for good jobs but lot of job seekers are being rejected now a days, the reason behind the rejection in the jobs is not that there are much job seekers than the jobs, if it would be there than a lot of vacancies would not have been opened in the companies now.

“InterView – Attitude is Everything”

Here’s is a video “InterView – Attitude is everything” which is Written and directed by Nithesh N and Photography direction by Chetan Krishna and editing and coloring by Mohan Rangakahale.

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This video shows a person who has completed his engineering in 6 years is selected for job and a person who is gold medalist even have done with internship with 2 companies has been rejected, the reason behind this is the ‘attitude’ which makes difference.

Watch this video know what kind of attitude the guy shows and what kind of knowledge he shows and got the job. Every year more than 1,00,000 engineering students complete their graduation but what about job? So Always try to have good knowledge and good attitude.

Final Words and Conclusion:

It’s about an interview process for the job, where the best of the best gets rejected. How to crack the interview that’s not crack-able? The answer is in you, search your capabilities and start it with a good attitude.
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