Mstar S700 Pro – The High End Android Mobile Phone

Mstar S700 Pro

Mstar S700 pro is the latest phone that has been introduced in the world of mobile phones. Mstar is the very commonly known brand which is associated with the cheap devices which fulfills the quality and specifications. The flagship has been changed and has been re-introduced in the Mstar Pro.
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The phone runs on the Android platform and it is predicted that the phone will be successful in the Android market. The phone has been announced and it has the Android 5.1 Lollipop as the operating system. The latest version of android i.e. 6.0 Marshmallow is used in the Mstar S700 Pro. Let us have a better look at the specifications of the phone. The phone has 64 bit quad processor and in display it has the Gorilla glass 3. It offers a great storage capacity and Ultrasonic Sense fingerprint sensor.

Display and resolution of Mstar S700 Pro

The Mstar S700 pro has display of 5.5 inch which is quite larger than the other phones released in 2016. As the screen of the phone is above 5.3 inch so it is considered as a phablet. It will be difficult for many to use the phone with one hand as compared to the phones with smaller screens. The resolution of Mstar Pro is 2560 pixels X 440 pixels. The screen of the phone is 2K HD. The phone has great sharpness in display which measures the density of the screen. It is 534 PPI and is atleast 2 times sharp than any other phone released in 2016. Use the Amazon India coupons code for purchasing the phone in discounted rates.
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Camera of Mstar S700 Pro

The S700 contains a rear camera with 21 megapixels which can be considered a high resolution camera and it generates the high quality photos. The front camera comes with an 11 megapixel which makes it great for the selfies. The front camera and rear camera is with much more resolution as compared to other phones released in 2016.

Battery life of Mstar S700 Pro

When the battery capacity of the phone is considered the pone can hold 3500 mAh which is the best battery capacity in comparison with the phones released in 2016.
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Storage capacity of Mstar S700 Pro

The CPU of any model is important and its importance can be noticed when the load on the phone increases. The model has the quad core system on the chip and the CPU is running at the speed of 3 GHz. The speed of the processor is higher in comparison with any other smartphone processor. The RAM of Mstar S700 Pro is 4GB and so it is said that the phone has a memory very higher than other phones released in 2016. The phone has an internal storage of 32 GB which is quite enough for the storage of the media materials like songs, videos, etc. For those who find 32 GB as less have the option of increasing the storage capacity by adding external storage. It allows increasing the storage till 128GB using and micro SD card. One can however be able to get it at a cheaper price by opting for flipkart mobiles. It’s price is around Rs.8000 INR (almost US$120).

Connectivity of Mstar S700 Pro

The phone has all the basic connectivity features such as WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G and 4G. The Bluetooth version is 2.1 + EDR. Memory card slot is available and the headphone connection of 3.5 mm is available.
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