You Will Be Shocked To Know Why Kohli’s Fan Arrested For Hosting Indian Flag

virat kohli fan arrested for hosting indian flag

As it is known that MS Dhoni’s team defeat Australia in a T20 International in the recent month in Adelaide. While Virat Kohli has a lot of fan following, no doubt there are a lot of fans of Virat Kohli and this fan looks to be different from all. And the reason is here, continue reading to know the reason.
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The Reason Behind Arrest:

A fan of Virat Kohli named Umar Daraz, aged 22 years, belongs to Okara district of Pakistani Punjab province, Pakistan has hosted the Indian flag on the top of his home after MS Dhoni’s team defeat Australia in a T20 International cricket match. Also Check: ICC World Cup Winning Teams Since The World Cup Was Started

According to the law of Pakistan under section 123-A of the Pakistan Penal Code, it is the act of damaging the sovereignty of the country and under that act, Umar Daraz may be imprisoned for 10 years or fine or even both.

He said the police have arrested Draz and registered a case under the Maintenance of Public Order. Draz vehemently voiced his love towards Kohli. “I am a big fan of Virat Kohli. I support the Indian team because of Kohli. Hoisting of Indian flag on the rooftop of house only shows my love for the Indian cricketer,” Draz told reporters.

Umar Daraz, who is a tailor by his profession, he was hosting the flag on the top of his house, and he was doing his work in his shop, the neighbours of Umar Daraz noticed this and notified him but he didn’t responded to it. Finally, Police was informed about this matter, police also found the posted photos of Virat Kohli in his home, and arrested him.

Final Words and Conclusion:

Anyhow, Umar Daraz pleased the judges that he hosted the flags for his love towards Virat Kohli, but this clearly violates the law. Loving a cricketer or being his fan is different from hosting the other’s country flag in the country in his love is totally a different kind of thing.
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