Watch: ‘Mauka Mauka’ Trolls ‘Gayle Vs Bhel’, ahead of India Vs West Indies Clash

After defeating Australia, India is ready to face West Indies in Mumbai Semifinals. Meanwhile this Indian fan is giving tough time to the West Indian who is heading towards Wankhede stadium for the match. Watch this funny Mauka Mauka video and cheer for India. India vs West Indies on 31st March in T20 World cup 2016 #MaukaMauka #SupportIndia #IndvsWi #T20 WorldCup. Ahead of second semi-final match between India and West Indies, a new video from ‘Mauka Mauka’ campaign has been released by the makers. The video touches street flavours from Mumbai to carry out a humorous take on the match that will be played at Wankhede Stadium at 7:30 PM on Thursday. In the video, a West Indies fan asks way to Wankhede stadium from a Bhel Poori seller. In their short conversation, the vendor learns that the guy is going for match with intentions to cheer for West Indies victory. Then starts the real humour and also a warning to all those who are acting like a hurdle in Team India’s victory path.

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