Barrister Babu 28th July 2021 Written Episode Update

 Barrister Babu 28 July 2021 written Update :The episode begins with Anirudh and Bondita bringing Binoy home. Somnath treats him. He says we have to keep him in chains, he has become dangerous for us. Anirudh scolds him and says he is our father, he gave birth to us, our name, this house, status and everything, you are saying he will hurt us, can he hurt us. They all get sad. Anirudh says don't say that again. Tapur asks Bondita to have food. She looks for pillows instead of Bondita. 

barrister babu 28 july 2021 promo and written update

She closes the door. She says Bondita has not changed, she has run away again. Thakur called. Tapur prays that Bondita return home before her lies are caught. Anirudh is sitting sadly on the stairs. Bondita comes. He says thanks for saving my dad's life, I am thinking of taking him abroad again and helping him, he will be fine, I try a lot, but I always give up, I don't understand. Come what to do, I have never seen him so disappointing before. He cries over her shoulder.

Thakurma and Sumati go to Bondita's room. Tapur says Bondita will scold me today, what should I do. She sees if Bondita is coming. She sees Bondita and calls her out. She throws a paper and alerts him. She says come early, Sumat is coming. She throws down a curtain and pulls Bondita upstairs. Bondita goes inside. Thakurma and Sumati come inside. They ask what is happening.

 Bondita says I was doing exercise, my back got stiff. Sumati asks are you fine. Bondita says I am very nice, I am flying in the air and smiling, dreaming, seeing someone dear around me. She misses Anirudh. She says I am happy to see you. Thakura jokes. Bondita says I feel like I have got some treasure today.

Its morning, Bondita prays. She says I want to tell Anirudh that I am his Bondita whom he loves, today every lie will end. Chandrachur's mother comes and scolds Tupur. He argues with his mother and defends Tupur. Thakura asks what is our mistake. Bondita comes and sees. The woman insulted Tupur. She says my son has loved this woman, else someone else would have thrown her out, they haven't had a child yet, I want my family to move forward. He thinks mother is saying as I taught him.

 Thakuma says Tupur is taking medicines and also keeping fast, she will conceive soon. The lady says you know it well, she is infertile. Bondita asks how can you say that, you think Tupur does not want to be a mother, you are taunting her, you are not a doctor who can declare that she is infertile, a child is her personal choice. If they are happy together, why are you taunting him. The lady asks who is he to lecture me. Thakura says she is Bondita. The lady says you ran away from the mandap, you shamed your family, you are responsible for whatever is happening today, you took away my son's happiness. He says maybe it was my luck, don't blame Bondita. Woman says we have decided to marry Chandrachur again, we will bring another daughter-in-law to get heir. They get shocked.

Chandrachud says it will not happen, mother is angry, I will never let anyone take your place. Bondita says I am with you in this, we will do this together and oppose this practice. He says what can be better than getting your support, I can do anything when you are with me. Tupur feels bad. She thinks I know she still has feelings for Bondita. Bondita says everything will be fine, don't worry. He thinks that Bondita will become my wife.

Bondita comes to meet Anirudh. She pretends to talk on the phone. He gets shocked and asks you.. she says yes it is true, it came in front of you after 8 years, you remember me first time you made me drink kara here, you have given me this dream of becoming a barrister Baboo. He says you are Bondita. She says yes I am your Bondita, Vaijanti is your Bondita. She holds his hand. 

She says we have a relationship, I am not just your responsibility, the letters I have written for me, I know I am in your heart, she refuses. She says you love me as much as I love you, that is the truth. He says we have no relation. She says we have a relationship. He says that I have not written anything like love. She says every but the meaning of love. He says no, it is not true, we have no relation. She says it is not true. His imagination comes to an end.

Bihari comes and says Anirudh said he has headache, he cannot teach you today, you can go. She thinks that Anirudh should first confess her feelings. She says then I will tell her that I am Bondita. Anirudh thinks I should not have told my feelings to Vaijanti. She comes to him. He asks Bihari to apply oil in his hair. She applies oil. He sees her and runs away. He says don't misunderstand what happened yesterday, I shared my pain, but I don't consider you my friend, I was in pain and anger, I am sorry. She thinks you can't befriend anyone, because Bondita is in your heart.

 She says you need some support, you wanted to share your happiness and sadness, I will not misunderstand you, you can befriend me when you think I am suitable for it, whatever your heart You can tell it is there. She asks him to apply oil. She thinks that Vaijanti will become your friend and make you confess her love for Bondita. Rishta Tera Mera….Drama….

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