Udaariyaan 30th July 2021 written Update

Udaariyaan 30 July 2021 written Update : Jasmine is saying I am going for shopping, everyone is busy in the house. Tejo says I will come together, Fateh is also in Chandigarh, we will meet him and come back together. They go. Tejo says thank god I met you, you must be confused what to buy, anyway whatever you wear, you look beautiful. Fateh calls Jasmine. Jasmine hides the phone. Tejo says Sweety must have taken your pictures, show it. She looks at the pictures and smiles. Fateh stopped the car. He gives a message to Jasmine. Jasmine snatches the phone and says I have to send a picture to Sweety, I will send it now. She checks the messages and replies. He reads and thinks that Tejo is with Jasmine. He worries. Jasmine asks the driver to stop the car at the petrol bunk, she has to go to the washroom. She goes and calls Fateh. Tejo calls Fateh. She asks have you reached, I am asking a stupid question, sorry, you would have reached, finish the meeting and then surprise, I am coming to meet you. He actually says, how. She says I was going back home and met Jasmine on the way.

Jasmine tries to call him. She says get free from the meeting and we will meet, we can send Jasmine by cab, we can spend time, have dinner and return home. Fateh says no, I have a meeting, I am getting a call. He disconnects and thinks about how much more I would lie to him. Jasmine calls him and asks why your phone was busy. He says Tejo called me, she said she wants to spend time with me, but I said I am busy, anyway you go to mall with her, I am going back. Jasmine says no, meet me somehow. He says she is my wife, I can't do this, it is wrong. She says just meet me once, after taking medicine I was feeling faint, my finger is also hurting, just meet me somehow. He says it will be awkward in front of Tejo. She says if you love me then just come to mall. She ends the call and says I know you will come. She sits in the taxi. They go. Tejo is sad. Jasmine asks what happened, is everything fine. Tejo says Fateh is behaving strange, she canceled the lunch plan and refuses to meet now, I just wanted to spend time with her. Jasmine says don't worry, he will come to meet you, smile now. Bright smile.

Fateh bought a bouquet for Jasmine. Jasmine and Tejo reach the mall. Tejo sees Fateh coming and smiles. Jasmine smiles too. Fateh gets the bouquet. Tejo asks is this for me. Of course he says. Tejo says its beautiful flowers, thank you. He looks at the card, and removes it. He asks did you like it. She says yes, but you were going back. He says I spoiled your mood. She asks how did you know that I am here. He says you should thank Jasmine, she messaged me that you are here, you are upset. Tejo thanks Jasmine and says I don't know she is grown up. Jasmine says yes, I have become intelligent. Tejo says we have to eat something. Fateh says sure. Jasmine holds his hand. He pushes her away. She teases him. He keeps the pace. 

Abhiraj shows the card. Harman says to get the card printed soon. Lovely says I find Tejo’s in-laws upset. Bebe says we will invite them for lunch and talk to them. Satti says yes, we should not do anything without Fateh's advice. Mami says it will be strange, were going to marry Jasmine, now will make preparations for Fateh milkshake. Jasmine asks do you remember, we came out together after a long time, okay. Tejo says I know it is tough for both of you. Jasmine says we both have moved on, don't worry, chill. She hugs Tejo. Bright smile. Tejo says I am glad you both moved ahead. Everyone in the house discusses about Fateh. Abhiraj says final, Tejo and Fateh will come soon. Mama worry. Tejo says I didn’t know that both of you will be here with me, you both mean a lot to me. Fateh took her hand. Jasmine looks at him. He tells them to go and shop, what will he do with them, he will call some small.

Tejo says fine, we will come. Jasmine asks Tejo to find something good for herself. She says I will come now, I saw some nice dress at another shop. She goes and hugs Fateh. He says Tejo will see. Jasmine says come with me. She takes him out in the corridor. She says you look hot when you are nervous, I missed you a lot, you know I have waited for this moment, do you think we are doing wrong. He says yes it is wrong, Tejo is my wife. She says she believes we move on. He says we know it is not true. She says let him think the same. Tejo buys a nightie and smiles thinking of Fateh. Fateh says the truth will not change. Jasmine says don't waste this chance. She hugs him.

He gets a call from Tejo. She says I'm just coming. Fateh asks her to leave. Jasmine said goodbye, meet me in the men's section. She goes. Tejo asks her to show the dress. Jasmine says it was not so good, what did you buy. Tejo doesn't say anything special. Jasmine says I will buy a t-shirt for Gippy and will come. Tejo says I will go to washroom. Jasmine pulled Fateh's hand. He says its not fine, Tejo may come, there are cameras here. She says there are no cameras in the trial room, come. They go to a test room. He asks what are you doing. She says I can’t believe we are meeting secretly, it is very exciting. Tejo is looking for him. Fateh says this cannot go on for long, your marriage… Jasmine asks why do you talk about my marriage. He says it is true. She says I will break the marriage. He says don't do anything wrong. She says you worry a lot for me, I promise I will not do anything wrong. He says I don't want to lose you. Tejo comes to the trial room. She sees someone hugging her. she opens the door.

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