Anupama 30th August 2021 Written Update

Anupama 30 August 2021 Written Update : Today's episode starts with Vanraj saying that the house belongs to Hasmuk but Anupama has mortgaged his property. Hasmuk stops Vanraj and later tells him that he knows where he is going. Vanraj asks Hasmukh why he is stopping him.

Both talk to each other. Vanraj asks Hasmuk if he still thinks he should take Anupama's side. Hasmuk explains to Vanraj that if Anupama had not arranged for the money, the cafe and dance academy would have been closed by now. He further asks Vanaraja not to go near Leela as he will take care of her. Vanraj gets irritated with his fate.

Leela leaves in Hasmuk. She gets angry on Anupama and Hasmuk for not telling them about the mortgage of their house. Leela tells Hasmuk that she decided with Anupama and now both of them will bring Rakhi back home otherwise they will see her dying. The smiling mother is sitting.

Anupama discusses with Samar and Nandini on how to return Rakhi's money. She decides to work overtime to arrange for more money. Anupama decided to offer private classes as well. Samar tells Anupama that she is already working on more. Anupama says Relief Academy is there and the cafe has survived.

Vanraj and Anupama get the news about Anuj Kapadi. Anuj sent a letter in the name of Hasmuk and offered Rs 5 crore in return for his factory. Anupama is shocked to know about Anuj.

Vanraj discussed about the proposal with Shah. Leela is in favor of selling the party property. Hasmuk decides to call Anupama for discussion. Vanraj says that Anupama is not needed as he is in trouble because of her.

Hasmuk tells Vanraj that if he thinks that his problem can be reduced by selling the property then he can sell it. Vanraj becomes happy. Hasmuk sat sad.

Anupama remembers her moment and thinks about Anuj's proposal. Vanraj discusses his future with Kavya. Kavya plans to use the money. Vanraj expects the deal to crack.

Nandini gets a call and she avoids it. Samar tells Nandini about the call. Nandini leaves from there. Samar thinks about Nandini's strange behavior. Somebody's eyes on Nandini.

Leela asks Hasmuk if she is upset because the factory is on sale. Hasumak confesses little. He remembers how his father handed over his property to him. Hasmukh says that he is happy that the warehouse will bring happiness in the lives of his children. Samar and Anupama listen to Hasmuk. Anupama relates to Hasmuk's pain. She sheds tears. [episode end]

Precap: Kavya gives a check to Rakhi. Rakhi warns that she will not spare Shah if the check bounces. Vanraj and Kavya get a letter from Anuji

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