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Muhammad Saqlain -Founder & Author of ‘All India Word’: Muhammad Saqlain is a young Entrepreneur currently running a number of sites on different niche. He started a blog on Blogger/Blogspot platform and developed his blog. He is a Web Designer, Developer, SEO Expert and a Pro Blogger. Click Here To Know More About Admin.

Muhammad Saqlain’s Personal Life:

Muhammad Saqlain is an engineering student from the Telangana State and wanted to achieve his dreams and goals. He is interested in Politics. He has a lot of interest in Politics and want to become a politician after a blogger.

He is interested in writing novels, stories, poems etc.

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Message by Muhammad Saqlain:

“We took birth in the world and we live for a short span of time here so always help other people and do never keep proud with you, leave the proud aside and focus on your work. ‘Everyone gets the time to change the life but not everyone get’s the life again to change the time’, so better utilise your time in your good deeds and raise your standard of living but first raise your ‘standard of giving’
Finally a thought by Muhammad Saqlain:
“Success is achieved when people search you Google instead of Facebook”


Thanks to all of those who appreciated me and start the revolution from yourself, don’t wait for others because the others might also wait of the others to start.!